Growing up in the beach town of Encinitas, California I have always had a passion for the ocean and surfing. It started with competitively swimming, junior lifeguards, and simply just being at the beach everyday.
In My Elemente
My passion for the ocean evolved from being a grom surfing and playing at the beach, to helping people. While obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree I decided to take my skills of swimming and surfing, and apply them to something more meaningful later becoming an ocean lifeguard and Emergency Medical Technician. My life since then has never been the same...A deeper appreciation for the ocean ran through my veins and that's where my photography journey started.
Me Surfing at San Onofre California (Photo Credit: Nick Steben)
Exploring The Depths
Summer of 2014 I became more and more fascinated with capturing the moments of the ocean, surf, and swell. I took out my GoPro to see what shots I could capture and became hooked. Now I use an SPL Water-Housing both for my Canon camera and GoPro, and become more curious each day on what kind of image or experience I can capture.
Gidget By The Sea is simply a name and inspiration not only from my favorite old surf movie "Gidget" but from the real life Gidget, Kathy Kohner. Kathy was named No. 7 in Surfer Magazine's 25 Most Influential People in Surfing... My photography and lifestyle is an example of that. "By The Sea" is for  a place that I work and play at everyday especially Cardiff- By-The-Sea, California. Gidget, a fearless and determined woman pursued her dream to surf and be as good as the guys....and that she did!  I identify with Gidget being a female ocean lifeguard, and in-water ocean photographer to not only have fun but to push my limits. I love what I do and the people I work with and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Currently I am freelancing and traveling. I am now a Flight Attendant for a major US Airline, and am fortunate enough to see the world and photograph it. Please follow me on Instagram @gidget_bythesea, like my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/gidgetbythesea, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at:  gidgetbythesea@gmail.com.  I have done shoots and campaigns for: Nuera Swim, Hax Swimwear, Matuse Inc., Slippa Brand, HeadHunter Surf Sunscreen, and my photos have been featured in brands such as: LSpace Swim , The Girl and the Water, Body Glove Girl and am a Surfline Local Pro Photographer.
Cheers and Stay Stoked 
Behind the Lens for Nuera Swim